Theatre + Galerie du Vieux-Port

I N   C O L L A B O R A T I O N   W I T H   E R I K A   B R A N D L - M O U T O N



It was the sensation of the reflection that became the driver for a floating theatre/gallery in the old port of Montréal: one would experience not a building, but the reflection(s) of a building, a fleeting form and texture continuously in flux, transforming as one moves through it and as the sun and water move around it.

Drawing from architectural devices explored by Mies Van Der Rohe and Steven Holl, the theatre began as a pure rectangular solid, disassembled not into rooms and volumes but into a series of planes dissecting and fragmenting it into a dynamic composition of spaces.  Walls change in thickness, at times deep and massive, at others light and airy, revealing slivers and open spaces allowing moments for one to see through the entire structure.  The double-screen cladding wrapping the exterior walls adds to the effect, moving and altering as one passes through or around the building.  This parallax effect, which is manifested in various forms throughout the gallery, ultimately establishes a conversational architecture, never clear in its solidity or porosity, in its weightiness or in its lightness.