Final Installation    

The Rise: CITA Studio Workshop

A  C  A  D  I  A    W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P    P  A  R  T  I  C  I  P  A  T  I  O  N




As a participant in the CITA workshop at the 2013 ACADIA Conference, I was part of a diverse team of students responsible for prototyping and assembling an installation designed by David Stasiuk and Martin Tamke from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen.  Besides helping out with final assembly and laser cutting, I was part of a small group responsible for resolving the bundling process which would be used throughout the project.  Beginning from concrete footings, thin fibreglass rods grouped and split as the installation grew upwards and outwards, fastening themselves to structural nodes at each junction point.  The bundling, splitting, and attaching of these rods was achieved through a step-by-step process involving cable ties and thread, which we prototyped, documented, and demonstrated for the other group members.