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Spiral Sukkah

D E S I G N E D   B Y   J A S O N   V A N   D E R   B U R G ,   D U N C A N   S A B I S T O N ,   J E S S E   H A O ,   D A V E   F R E E D M A N ,   D A V I D   W H Y T E 




A finalist in the Sukkahville 2013 International Competition, the Spiral Sukkah was designed and executed in large part by the above group of thesis students at the University of Toronto.  The final phase of the competition required the contestants to build their designs and erect them in Mel Lastman Square in Toronto for final judgement.

During the execution phase, I was added to the team to resolve and complete all of the tie joints and other connections, adhering to the vision of the designers while adding a level of sophistication and care to the fine details of the project.